Why Choose Pat?

A warm, caring personality... recognized experience in evaluating homes and people... superior understanding of the market...RESULTS!


If you were to phone her, you would sense these qualities within minutes.  Pat has earned her credentials through hard work in Northern Virginia real estate brokerage over two decades.  


 She entered the real estate business at the beginning of a major uptrend and sold new homes for two different home builders in Fairfax County.  At the same time, she was working with resale home buyers and sellers and learning the skills needed to be successful for her clients.   She understands homes both from the "brick and mortar" construction perspective and the personal bonding aspect.


The uptrend peaked, and she developed a whole new set of skills for down markets.  Vitally important to you is the fact she earned the equivalent of a doctorate in human nature related to negotiations and has had spectacular results in bringing people to agreement.


She met with and studied the business practices of top real estate agents throughout the US and Canada and adapted their best ideas to her business model.  She turned her one-person business into a productive team of specialists who follow the "Ritz-Carlton" philosophy of customer service.  Over time, her success has led other real estate agents to look to her as a mentor.


You, of course, are interested in what difference she can make for your situation.  The best way to find out is to call her and learn for yourself why so many loyal clients come back or refer their friends and colleagues to Pat.  Repeat business is the defining mark of any successful broker. 


We have slipped onto the downside of the second major real estate cycle she has experienced.  You want to count on the best in this turbulent market.  Pat is one of the best.



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